Monday, March 31, 2008

What a Weekend

I have at least six things I want to write about tonight, so I'm going to go with another random list of unconnected thoughts that are coming up for me because of the weekend.
  • Sly B and I love This American Life. We download the podcasts, and save them up for long drives to our folks' places. This weekend, we listened to 4 episodes, and there seemed to be a theme, as well as a few episodes that we didn't like at all. The first episode was their Valentine's Day 2008 episode, and seemed to be a long rant about how love doesn't last, and that those of us who are coupled are destined to end up hating our spouses. The next episode was on the topic of Testosterone. Wow, how disappointing it was for us to hear the FtM trans person saying that T made her like science, stare at women's asses, and generally act like an asshole. The other two episodes were pretty good - one focused on Human Resources, and one focused on Childhood.
  • Our long trip that allowed us to listen to the backlog of podcasts was to my parents' house for a Easter celebration. My folks are Slovak, and we had a traditional Eastern Orthodox Easter meal. We had ham, kraut and kolbasi, sirak (Easter Cheese), poppy bread, and horseradish that my dad dug up, peeled, and prepared. It was teh yum. I am so white.
  • Sly B's gramps died yesterday morning. He suffered long, and his passing was a real blessing. We are thinking a lot about family lately, and I am having another bachelor week - this time unexpected - as Sly B spends the week supporting her mom.
  • It has been a year since we lost Joe Murphy. He has been sorely missed in the community. There is an awesome tribute show to him posted here. If you have a few minutes, download it and check it out.
  • BSG season 3 is AWESOME. I cannot believe how frackin' good it is. Season 4 starts Friday and OMG I cannot wait.
  • I gave up on Clockers. It just wasn't for me. It's rare that I drop a book mid-read, but I just couldn't stick with this one. I'm now reading So Say We All which is a collection of essays about BSG. It is fantastic, and I <3 Summer Brooks.


2raysmama said...

Easter Cheese?

EssBee said...

Since I'm bringing you some tomorrow, I expect a review.

2raysmama said...

Blasted sick babysitter.
I will miss my easter cheese today, she better have a full recover so I can partake in some tomorrow.

On a related (well, not really) note, I would recommend people look at a potential babysitter's myspace page prior to hiring. And if you don't, never, ever look at it AFTER you have hired them. -Shudder-