Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Book Notes

  • Not new news, but Brandon Sanderson has been tapped to write the twelfth and last Wheel of Time novel, A Memory of Light. All I know about Sanderson is that I heard an interview with him about six months ago on The Dragon Page and thought his books sounded good, so I checked out his website and found a blog post about why he was troubled by Dumbledore's homosexuality. He's a Mormon, and has strong beliefs on the subject. I heard another interview with him yesterday on Adventures in SciFi Publishing, a podcast I'm checking out. He is a huge Jordan fanboy, so I think he'll do fine with the novel. I'm looking forward to it.
  • This morning as I biked the knee pain away, I listened to the latest Dragon Page episode, and heard about another book I must have, Battlestar Galactica and Philosophy which is edited by Jason Eberl. It sound fabulous! The article I have to read is on gender as a construct and whether or not Starbuck is a woman. Oh yeah, gotta get it. Dragon Page is running a contest and giving a copy away -- don't bother entering, cuz I'm gonna win it.
  • I'm still working through Lord Foul's Bane, and still liking it.

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