Monday, January 28, 2008

Things Making Me Happy Today

I'm having a happy, happy moment and feel like making a list (inspired by EssBee).

  • EssBee (yep, still head-over-hills after almost 9 years...)
  • A big pot of Beans together with a big pot of Green Chile. I brought leftovers from this weekend to work. As I opened the microwave, where they were being irradiated, the smell took me back to being a kid and gave me a heart full of happy. (If the smell of tortillas cooking would have been in the air, I would have had a seizure and begun to weep).
  • Torchwood Just when I thought the queerest show on tv could not get any better, they cast James Marsters - making it queerer and even better. This show has got it right!
  • The Wire. Yes, I will admit to resisting this show for a long time. It was IronicPink's peer pressure that finally forced me to give it a go (even though EssBee repeatedly told me that I would love the show). It seems like I find something new to love about it every time I watch a new episode.
  • A Good Book. I'm reading, "One Hundred Years of Solitude," by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, EssBee has just finished "The Talisman," by Stephen King/Peter Straub and I'm sure most readers of this blog post are involved in their own latest read. There's nothing like getting wrapped up in a great story that is told by a master storyteller.
  • L.D. Larry David is one crazy so-and-so.
  • Mysteries of Death. My grandpa has been transitioning from this life to the next for some time now. Ancestors who have already passed, have been visiting him for over a year. He had a bad episode over the weekend and ended up unconscious and in the ICU for three days. For the last week, my mom has been telling me how there have been eagles gathering around my grandparents' farm. This is unusual for the area. There are hawks around all the time. Rarely, will a single eagle be around. There are now 5 eagles that are hanging about and to my mom, watching their comings and goings pretty closely. Then, while my grandpa was in the hospital, he laughed and exclaimed, "Tasha just ran across my legs and she was the color of ice!" Tasha was their Schnauzer. She died in 1997. This is pretty mysterious to me, not only because she is another passed relation visiting my grandpa; but, because there are cultures that believe that a dog meets you when you transition from this life in order to lead you to the next life. It's the first time grandpa has seen animals during this transition. The mysteries of death are amazing to me. And yes, they do make me happy in a way. I think because mysterious things happen in my family - in both life and death situations. They're part of the story that makes my family my own.

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