Monday, November 12, 2007

Weekly Random Post

Do you guys hate it when I post a random mess of thoughts? Sometimes I can't focus on one thing, so I just like to make a list. Tonight, I feel like making a few different lists.

Things that make me grateful:
  • A much needed weekend alone with SLY B
  • Dexter and Brotherhood on the DVR for a Monday night home alone
  • Tasty WA state Merlot received as a gift from a nice girl - it's almost as good as beer
  • A friend's renewed relationship with a spouse
Things that kinda bug me:
  • Work and bosses and other things that are a lot harder than they should be
  • Uptight conservatives who hate the fact that other people have sex and fun
  • A friend's sadness over a lost pet
That's all I've got tonight, y'all.

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