Monday, November 19, 2007

A Way to Participate

It seems as if the rage among SciFi fans is to creatively campaign for their favorite shows that have been cancelled (Star Trek back in the day, Jericho and Dresden Files currently) and for movie sequels (see the Big Damn Sequel website for an example). The newest campaign that's not just for SciFi geeks is one that I'm going to participate in, and thought you guys might be up for at least knowing about. This one is called Pencils2MediaMoguls.

The basic idea is that pencils symbolize the writers' work. The writers are putting their pencils down until they get what is rightly theirs related to the new media distributions of their work. Several fan communities have been sending pencils in to the major TV execs in support of the writers as a kind of "good luck - here's a pencil." A group of the major show runners (Joss Whedon, Jane Espenson, Ronald D. Moore, among others) got together and found a green pencil manufacturer, and are selling and shipping the pencils via an ordering system on their website. You can click here and read all about this, order some pencils, and even pick your favorite show so that its writers know that you're supporting them.

Don't write until it's right!

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