Monday, October 01, 2007


It's TV season again already. After a week of new programs, I'm feeling kind of flat. Of the new shows premiering this Fall, there's only two keepers, I think. Here's what's making the cut on our DVR these days:
  • Heroes, which I'm excited to report will include Kristen Bell this season. I dig the show, I really, really do.
  • Chuck, which is a new one on right before Heroes. We caught the premier last week, and loved it. Just the right amount of funny and geeky. I hope they can keep it up. (It won out over a very similar show that we also caught last week called Reaper, which Kevin Smith is somehow involved in.)
  • Californication and Weeds on Showtime make a good combo for us. SLY B has posted about Weeds previously, and speaks for me, but we still watch. Californication is funny and literate -- I like it. I don't think there are too many more episodes of either of these shows left this Fall, so both are temporary additions (to be replaced with new upcoming shows like The Sarah Conner Chronicles and season 4 of Battlestar Galactica).
  • Law & Order SVU, which we continue to watch because we have mad love for Detective Olivia Benson.
  • Damages on TNT, which is winding down. Love it. I watch this one by myself.
  • Bionic Woman, which didn't stun us in its premier last week, but didn't send us running (like Journeyman) either. I might be on my own for this one too.
  • 30 Rock, which premiers this week. We love Tina Fey.
  • Without a Trace, maybe. We recorded last weeks episode, but haven't watched it yet. James Marsters, who played Spike on Buffy is playing on this show this season, and we dig us some Spike.
  • Most Haunted, which is a British ghost-hunting show that we catch on the Travel Channel.
  • Torchwood, which I think is my favorite on this list. I mentioned this a month or so ago. It's a BBC series that spun off of Dr. Who. Captain Jack Harkness is the main character (alien hunter), and is a masculine bisexual dude. The writing is great, and the actors are really good and funny.
  • Tell Me You Love Me, which is pretty much heterosexual porn mixed with heterosexual couples therapy. I have no idea why we watch this. I have now officially seen more penises on this show than in my real life.
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm, which is 30 minutes of laughter for us. We love it.
  • Dexter, which premiered its season 2 last night. I was kind of meh on the episode, but love the show. This is one I watch alone.
  • Brotherhood, which also premiered its season 2 last night. I was not at all meh on this episode. I love this show. This is one I told SLY B I thought she should watch with me, but I don't think she'll like the blood & violence. I think this is another one I watch alone.
I'm also watching Millennium season 2 on DVD in the mornings, which I'm about half-way through. I like it. It's a X-Files knock-off for sure, but I like it.

We still intend to catch Pushing Daisies, Cain, and Dirty Sexy Money. The first because it looks quirky and weird, the second because I love me some Jimmy Smits, and the third because I just want to watch a Baldwin brother make out with a transsexual woman. If I was being honest with myself I'd say we can't actually pick any of these up, but a girl can dream.

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