Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Thoughts for Wednesday

The crazy work stuff that I've posted about here previously is teaching me some pretty valuable life lessons. I thought I'd share:

Excessive ego is ugly. There is nothing less attractive than someone who can't see the proverbial forest for the trees. Don't let yourself be blinded by the dickish idea that you deserve some unearned loyalty simply because you are who you are. Earn respect -- it lasts longer. Also, when you earn respect, you are probably looking at the big picture, which means you've probably taken your gaze from your own reflection for a few seconds. Try it, it's fun.

People who are older, or have more work experience, don't necessarily know more than you. It is a mistake to assume that you don't understand a situation just because an elder doesn't see it your way. Trust yourself more. Some people are just not too bright, and age doesn't help their condition.

It's really easy to get sucked into drama that you have no business knowing about. Mind your own business.

Work stuff is just work stuff. Life is happening outside -- don't lose sight of it. In the middle of writing these things, a friend of mine called to say that her sister, who has a brain tumor and was in surgery this morning, only has a few days to live. Wake up call.

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