Wednesday, August 29, 2007

"Young and evil and super-intelligent, somewhere in America"

Thanks to Ironic, I'm listening to a really cool audiobook called Soon I Will Be Invincible by Austin Grossman. I'm only about 1/2 way through Part 1, but already know that I really dig this book. It's a novel told from the perspective of two super-powered people. One is a middle-aged evil genius named Dr. Impossible (think Lex Luthor meets Dr. Evil) in jail for trying to take over the world (for the 12th time), and the other is a young cyborg woman named Fatale who was just asked to join an elite superhero team, ala The Fantastic Four.

I just listened to an interview with Grossman, and he said a few pretty interesting things. First, though, let me say that I absolutely HATE hearing/reading author interviews while I'm reading their books. I don't want them to steer my read, so I generally avoid them like the plague until after I'm finished. However, he just happened to be this week's guest on the Dragon Page podcast, and I was transfixed by his stutter so couldn't stop listening. As a stutterer myself, I have a soft spot, and I just wanted to ch-ch-cheer him on for agreeing to an audio interview.

Okay, what I found interesting in Grossman's interview was that he characterized his story as a slowing down of the usual superhero story. I like that explanation, and think it really is. It's the internal dialogue of these two characters as they contemplate their powers, and what they should do next. My favorite thing so far is the quote I used as the title of this post from Dr. Impossible. He's a supervillian, but he sure is funny.

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