Saturday, July 21, 2007


Nope, this post isn't about ol' Harry P., but about Harry D. I just finished Storm Front by Jim Butcher - book 1 in the Dresden Files series. I have to admit I wanted to read the books cuz I was a fan of the tv program. (Note the past tense - it's been canceled.) Now, the show wasn't mind blowing, or even particularly written well, but I liked the characters (except for the spirit Bob, who was just annoying) and it seemed to have potential. After reading the first book, I'm convinced that I'll read all of them, and I'll tell ya why. Like the tv program, the book is not well written or mind blowing, but for a fans of witchcraft/wizardry, they have the potential to be highly entertaining. I've come to realize that I really do not like books written in first person. Storm Front is written in first person and I was afraid it was going to turn me off at the beginning. Especially irritating is when Harry gives little quips that are supposed to be self deprecating, but are actually pointing out why is is so incredible - kind of like when Food TV personalities make orgasm faces at the taste of their own food - I'm glad you think you are so amazing! The fun story eventually took my focus away from the writing and I enjoyed the storytelling aspect of the book. I remember when I first watched the tv program, I thought - this is like getting a look at Harry Potter when he is in his 40s. After all, it's the same story - a wizard living among Muggles. It's escape reading at its finest. A book you could finish during a plane ride. I wish that I could create a character and bang out story after story like Butcher and live off the money rolling in.
NOTE: I know what EssBee and I are reading. What is everyone else devouring in the literary scene??

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EssBee said...

I know you said you already know what I'm reading, but for our fans -- ha ha -- I just finished up The Watchmen, which I'll write a longer post about later on. Since I was gentlewomanly and gave you dibs on Harry Potter, I picked up Bitten, by Kelley Armstrong. So far, I have to say that I'm not impressed, but I'm only about 40 pages in.