Monday, February 13, 2006

Bland Sandwiches

I don't DISLIKE this book. I gather some of us do; and I'm interested to read why. For me, it rates, "meh." I don't DISLIKE tuna fish sandwiches either, but, they're nothing to get all ga-ga about. Rather bland, but palatable.

I am about 3/4 finished, and so far, I don't hate Henry. He seems nearly emotionally disabled by his temporal affliction, but he has good taste in music. (Who didn't own a copy of that Violent Femmes album!!) Clare was cursed by a determined future to be a fairly "meh" human. I dunno, it's a bland, but palatable affair. My sister in law sent me this book for Christmas, and her family is very similar to Clare's. She warned me I would cry my eyes out, but I don't think she knows me that well.

Conversely, I like the idea of true love being timeless. I do believe that. Call me a mush head, but it IS almost valentine's day. XXOO and all that rot. (Go eat some candy hearts. Lick three and stick them to your forehead. The one that falls off last is the message from your secret admirer. )

Something interesting it makes me consider though: If you could go back in time, and advise yourself about something, would you? Is there anything you would change, or redo?


Sly B said...

If I could travel in time, I wouldn't change anything. Not for some noble reason, but cuz life is good now and it's a culmination of all experiences in the past. Plus, I'd be a bit nervous about making things worse. No matter how bad certain experiences were, they could always be worse.

EssBee said...

I agree with Bern. I don't think I'd change anything -- except maybe to never start smoking. Life is good.