Wednesday, November 09, 2005

i need structure, people

i suggest that all book-related topics are allowed for discussion points. basically, any club member can post any thoughts that come to her while reading. for the sake of our friendships, i'll keep my posts focused on the books instead of on all the other stuff i could write about that i won't assume everyone wants to read (for instance, joss whedon was on Veronica Mars tonight -- did you see it? or, is dumbledore really dead? or, why do berna & i watch America's Next Top Model every week when we don't even really like it? or, can you believe that texas passed an anti-gay marriage amendment yesterday with everything else that's going on in the world right now? or, would it really be that bad to work at starbucks? because my job effin sucks! or, what's the difference between napalm and white phosphorous?).

how about deadlines? should we commit to reaching certain landmarks weekly or bi-weekly?

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Janet said...

Models, explained

I encourage you and anyone else to use this forum for book and nonbook related posts. Like we need more rules about what we can talk about and when? Bah. Rock on with the chatter.

Did you see when the one dumb model was telling the other dumb model that birds were blind? Genius!

White phosporous is used, theoretically, to create 'smoke screens' to assist with concealing troop movement. But, I think you can also use it to make meth. Maybe you can ask your neighbor for some to examine.

Anyway, people can talk about books too, I guess.